/Skippers Teams Play for Breast Cancer Awareness

Skippers Teams Play for Breast Cancer Awareness

The Port Huron Hospital Women’s Wellness Place benefited from the Skippers’ basketball game on Feb. 9. The “Think Pink” games raised $247 to promote breast cancer prevention.

At the women’s game, the Skippers played in pink uniforms, and Coach Mike Groulx wore a pink shirt. The referees also used pink whistles in recognition of the event.

Most of the men’s basketball team wore pink socks.

Both Skippers teams played the Oakland Community College Raiders.

The women’s team defeated the Raiders 84-59.

At the end of the first half the Lady Skippers led by 21 points, which they built on into the second. However, the Raiders picked up the offense in the second period.

Groulx was critical of the Skippers’ performance in the second half.

“I think we played a great 30 minutes of basketball,” he said afterward. “We defended well; we rebounded well; we scored well. The last ten minutes we got a little less vigilant and they took advantage of it. I wish we’d tightened up a little bit.”

Groulx spoke supportively of the Think Pink event, saying he was glad to be a part of it.

“I think the breast cancer awareness was a great cause,” he said, adding, “We were hoping for a bigger turnout.”

The men’s team lost 109-103 after a close fight through the last five minutes.

“A lot of this game’s gonna be decided by the rebounds,” Coach Dale Vos said before the lineups. “This is a really good rebounding team. It’s gonna hinge on that.”

Throughout the game the Skippers’ chant remained “defense,” and both teams had to work to score in the paint. In the second half, Skippers guards Johnnie Mills, Deion Stegall and Corey McKinney made too many fouls and were taken out of play.

“They just lost a tough game,” said Vos, who declined further comment directly after the game to take care of the team.

The Raiders’ Coach Antoine Joubert called it “a nerve-wracking game,” and said, “I was so glad that #2 and #5 fouled out.”

Both the Skippers and the Raiders played “very hard and very well,” Joubert said.

“I’m glad that both teams played good and nobody got hurt.”


Rachael Pittiglio

Sports Editor