/SC4’s literary brain trust

SC4’s literary brain trust


Tutor Michelle Gierman (left) and freshman Ashley Potrykus (right) review a worksheet in SC4’s Writing Center.
Tutor Michelle Gierman (left) and freshman Ashley Potrykus (right) review a worksheet in SC4’s Writing Center.

What if there was a group on campus completely dedicated to helping students succeed in writing, reading and communicating?

To have a group of professional tutors on standby, waiting to help students understand their assignments and assist in breaking through writers block all for free! Wouldn’t that be nice if such a group existed?

Oh wait. It does.

The SC4 Writing Center is a free resource open to any student attending SC4. Located on the first floor of the Main Building around the corner from the elevator, the Center is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Fridays by appointment.

According to Michelle Gierman, who is an adjunct instructor and tutor at the Writing Center, their main mission is to helping with maximizing student success in areas such as writing, reading and understanding coursework.

We’re all about building skills so the students can succeed independently,” said Gierman, “and not just in English courses, our tutors will help with anything that needs composing.”

Any form of writing assignment is accepted at the center. The tutors are familiar with multiple writing styles, such as MLA, APA, Chicago and Associated Press.

The Writing Center also offers assistance in developing PowerPoint presentations, e-mail composition, speech preparation, script writing and foreign language.

Ben Kramer, who is a tutor at the Writing Center, emphasized the value of having a second opinion on assignments. “Every student who has come back has shown signs of improvement,” Ben said, a sentiment that was shared by Ashley Potrykus, freshman, who says that within this semester she has already noticed improvement in her writing skills.

The Writing Center is also equipped with free printing, coffee and snacks. There are eight computers available for use and private study space if required.

The tutors would also like to encourage faculty to send students who are struggling with specific concepts to the writing center.

All it takes is a handwritten note from the instructor,” Gierman said. The instructors can also opt to receive a review sheet so they will be aware as to what the tutors covered with the student.

For more information on the Writing Center and what it offers, students and faculty can contact Michelle Gierman at mlgierman @sc4.edu. Walk-ins during regular hours are welcome and encouraged. 

Erick J. Fredendall

Business/Advertising Editor