/Port Huron Sports Hall of Fame Comes to Campus

Port Huron Sports Hall of Fame Comes to Campus


The Port Huron Sports Hall of Fame officially opened its new location at SC4 on Jan. 26. The Hall’s board of directors welcomed the public to the new location in the lower level of the North Building on campus.

Some of the visitors to the grand opening included inductees and their friends and families, who lingered to talk and locate their pictures along the walls.

The PHSHF Board of Directors decided to move the hall after its previous location, the Thomas Edison Inn, underwent renovations to house a convention center.

“The college reached out to the Hall of Fame,” said Jim Whymer, a board member.

SC4 provided space for the hall, and the work to remodel a room for it started during the summer of 2012. Whymer said that some of the athletes helped with the remodeling.

He said that currently over 250 plaques are on display. “One thing we did was put them in order,” Whymer said.

At the inn, the inductees’ plaques were placed without specific order; now they are arranged chronologically.

Inductees include some SC4 athletes and teams. Visitors can search for information about particular inductees on an internet kiosk in the Hall.

The board of directors wants to expand the Hall to include more interactive displays, such as more kiosks and mementos from the athletes honored in the Hall, said Erik Parker, another member of the board.

“There are a lot of people with memorabilia in attics and boxes.” Parker said that the board wants to eventually have displays throughout most of the halls in the North Building’s lower level.

The PHSHF usually inducts six to seven individual athletes a year, as well as adding a few teams and presenting several achievement awards. The current space they have left, Parker said, should last three to four years.

“We try to encourage everybody to nominate,” says Ralph Dimmick, another board member. “People out there in the community go ‘Why isn’t Billy in there or Susie in there?’ You gotta nominate.”

The Hall of Fame will remain open to all visitors during SC4’s regular hours.


A meeting area in the hall 
Photo credit: Rachael Pittiglio

Rachael Pittiglio

Sports Editor