/Playin’ drums and slappin’ bass

Playin’ drums and slappin’ bass

Congas, bongos, and rhythm; seems that Thursday, Feb. 21 is going to be a ‘banging’ good time.

Performing at the Thursday at Noon Concert series will be Biakuye Percussion Group, a group that specializes in African-influenced percussion and instruments.

The group takes traditional African music with a blend of their own jazz and American influences. Mark Stone and Roger Braun of America play an eclectic mix of instruments, including marimba, mbira, various hand percussion and even drum kits. Ghana-born Kofi Ameyaw plays an even more mysterious array of different tribal and traditional instruments. Issa Sall from Senegal is the only non-percussionist, playing an electric bass guitar.

This unique performance can be witnessed Thursday, Feb. 21 at 12 p.m. as mentioned in the Fine Arts Theatre. If that doesn’t sit well with certain schedules, no worries; there is another performance later on at 7 p.m. being sponsored by the SC4 Global Diversity Advisory Council. 

Kristopher Reynolds

Staff Writer