//Penny Arcade RPG’s it up

Penny Arcade RPG’s it up

Are you looking for a new rpg to play? Do you enjoy the comedy styling of Penny Arcade? Got $2.99? If so, I have a game for you.

This weekend I picked up Penny Arcade’s newest installment of “On the Rain Slick Precipices of Darkness” for iOS and I was not disappointed. “Rain slick”, as it will be called from here on out, is an awesome throwback to the early Final Fantasy games, but with sharply written humor and an interesting story that is reminds me of the best Dungeons and Dragons games. Don’t worry about the past two games; no experience is needed to enjoy it.

The game takes place in an alternate 1920’s era staring the cast of the wildly popular penny arcade comic. The main characters John Gabriel and Tyco Brahe run the Startling Developments Detective agency in the town of New Arcadia, and from there you’re off to fight Mime Octopuses, Hobos and a dapper T-rex in a suite while on your quest to return the stolen Necrowombicon to their possession.

Don’t have an Xbox? No problem; I guarantee that you have a platform that this game is on. You can get “Rain Slick” on iOS (for iPod and iPhone), Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, Android and the Mac App Store! I currently own both the Xbox and iOS versions and have enjoyed it immensely.

I have loved all the time I have sunk into this game. It is scratching my rpg itch that I have been having lately, and it saved me some money too.

Zack Penzien

Production Editor