//New semester, new paper

New semester, new paper

Hello, everyone. As you can tell by the by line I’m Zack Penzien and I take care of the hardcopy design around here. If you were here last semester, you will notice that the Erie Square Gazette looks a bit different this time around. Well I did that. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Last semester, the staff decides that it was time for a refresh and I agreed it needed an update in layout and feel. First, I wanted to take a look at the logo. I wanted to move away from just text to something that looked like a designed logo. I wanted to use squares in the logo for obvious reasons. It went through several iterations that got no’s and yes’s from the staff until we got to this. At the time, I was looking at a lot of logos that could have a photo incorporated into it, and still maintain the look it was going for. That Idea was dropped. We ended up with what you see now.

I took my interest in cartooning and applied it to the layout. The mantra was “no unnecessary lines”. The old layout was full of lines that I didn’t feel had that much of a purpose. I liked the kind of minimalist logos that are super challenging, because they need to be almost perfect or they don’t look right. I also looked at Smart Phone OS’s because that’s where the puck is going journalistically.

I had a lot of help and input from the whole production staff over the last semester. The redesign will be an ongoing process throughout the semester. If you have any comments or concerns email me at ************* I can’t wait to hear from you.

Zachary Penzien

Production Editor