/Laser Tag Battle Royale

Laser Tag Battle Royale

Zombie Defense Council members Mackenzie O’Brien and Danielle Mertz gearing up to play laser tag. Photo credit Liz Whittemore. It was like a battle you would see on an episode of Star Wars. Battle plans, strategy tactics on who to take out first and even a little blood.

The fourth SC4 Club Activity Day, the first to feature laser tag, took place Tuesday, Feb. 19 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the SC4 gym.

Marketing and Management are the winners of this semester’s club activity day, claiming the trophy in addition to bragging rights.

Marketing and Management club member Kyle Schwanitz playing laser tag. Photo credit Liz Whittemore. Members of Marketing Management include Keegan Murphey, Michael Keith, Kyle Schwanitz, and James Woolman.

Six clubs participated in the event including the Zombie Defense Council, the Erie Square Gazette, Alternative Energy & Engineering, Marketing and Management, Gay-Straight Alliance, Drama Club and WSGR.

Zombie Defense Council member Dereck Cook playing laser tag. Photo credit Liz Whittemore.

Teams consisted of two teams of three people. Each participant has 60 “lives” recorded on their laser gun.

The tournament was not timed; instead, each challenge was determined based on when all three members of a team are out.

The final two clubs battling it out were WSGR and Marketing and Management. Lathrop, playing on the WSGR team, commented on Marketing and Management club’s laser tag strategy saying, “They’re hunters in there. Hunting season is going on right now.”

Our basic plans were to take out one opponent at a time,” said Murphey, Marketing and Management club member. “Other teams were strategic and had battle plans. They used voice and hand signals, it was really very well organized, I was impressed.”

Past winners of the trophy include the Gay-Straight Alliance, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Student Government.

The activity was determined based on club votes at All-Club meetings. Originally, the vote had been for field hockey as the activity, but due to weather laser tag was selected.

The past three semesters featured dodge ball as the event for club activity day. This costs Student Government, the organization that hosts club activity day, nothing more than time.

This was the first time we actually invested in club activity day,” said Sean Lathrop, vice president of Student Government.

I thought it was a well-organized event. It started on time and Sean’s organization and leadership was highly appreciated,” said Murphey.

The likelihood of another club activity day featuring laser tag depends on the level of success the clubs feel the event had.

Club activity day for the fall semester will be announced at the beginning of the semester.