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Free and Easy Money

Receiving free money is easier than ever with the help of SC4.edu/money.

SC4 Academic Works is a website aiding current and future SC4 students in finding the correct scholarship that they should apply for; making it easier for students to fund a future at SC4.

For students, funding is the most difficult aspect of college, and finding a scholarship is incredibly hard if you don’t know where to look,” said Sean Lathrop, Vice President of Student Government Executive Board.

Simplicity is paramount in SC4’s redesign of the scholarship page. Offering the right scholarships for SC4 students is just a click away.

Photo credit: Nicholas Wedyke

Upon logging on, the website lists off a range of available scholarships students can read about and potentially apply for.

Each scholarship’s name is a “click through link” that will take you to a separate page with information about the scholarship; this includes the description, qualifications, and the amount the scholarship offers.

But where most scholarship websites would leave it at that, SC4 Academic Works takes the application process a step further: telling you exactly what you qualify for.

The website also hosts external scholarships offered by a third party, making the site more dynamic and accessible.

This process is very simple; click “sign up,” and the website will open a page where you input basic information that helps filter out scholarships that you qualify for. The information you submit includes an up to date résumé, which is mandatory.

After submitting the information, the site posts an updated list of scholarships unique to you. Simply select “Apply” and the scholarship’s requirements will be listed, as well as the process for applying.

Some scholarships require an essay on why you are a prime candidate for the amount received. Others require an essay on a particular topic, as well as proof of club, organization or military involvement.

For more information on finding scholarships, visit SC4.edu/money, or visit SC4.edu and select “Financial Aid and Scholarships” for dates of upcoming SC4 Financial Aid Nights.

The easier SC4 makes finding scholarships for us, kudos to them,” said Lathrop.   


Nick Wedyke

Managing Editor