/Ending it Here

Ending it Here

Everything could really be reaching an end at this point.

As a kid who remembers that crisp spring day in 1999 where I was offered this addictive game – no, lifestyle – I can’t honestly say whether I will continue to buy from the Pokémon franchise this upcoming fall. Pokémon X and Y will be released in October, and I have a perfectly good Nintendo DS Lite. Not a 3DS.

Cold hard facts for me are that a Nintendo 3DS would set me back $170, plus the game itself would be another $40. Plus, my trusted ally would need to upgrade to a 3DS as well (you need someone to constantly trade with), and there is another $210 plus tax.

Frankly, I do not know why I would buy a new handheld console when I am still having loads of fun playing Soul Silver, White, and even Leaf Green. Seems like the opposite of frugal to me. Leveling here, I am a newlywed in college, with a puppy. Frivolous things like a 3DS don’t rank on my priorities.

Another setback for me is that why on earth would I want a small box that fits in my hands to be 3-dimensional? I don’t see the appeal in that at all. That is not something I want to throw my money at.

Maybe I’ll catch up on the franchise when my current DS goes kaput, but as it looks like I will be abstaining from buying any new Pokémon games right now. That kind of breaks my heart. 

Rebecca Kelly

Web master