/CL5 Program Offers Opportunities

CL5 Program Offers Opportunities

In the fall of 2010, Cros-Lex High School initiated a program in an effort to make college more affordable for students. This program is known as CL5. While this program eliminates the cost of tuition, students can only enroll in CL5 if they wish to pursue either a science or arts degree. Although this may seem limited, the selling point of the program has an appeal: it’s free.

When the program began in 2010, classes were held locally at the Geiger College Center in Croswell. Instructors from SC4 would travel to the center to teach their classes. This made the program unique due to the fact it was the first of its kind to offer classes that did not take place on the community college’s campus.

On the third year it changed to the students must take their classes at the campus to get a real college experience,” says Taylor McAllister, a student participating in the CL5 program.

Despite the traveling fees newly bestowed on the students, the program itself is still free. “Getting a degree without having to pay much out of pocket for schooling, that part is nice,” says Taylor.

Students can also complete two years of college classes in only one year by enrolling in AP classes in combination with the program. Although this is a great opportunity to get ahead in the pursuit of education, a downfall to this is students would perhaps find this task overwhelming, and over time, those participating in the program could lose interest.

Taylor said, “The program was grand in theory, quite ambitious and one of a kind, but in practice it suffered and lost support from its participates through neglect of communication, and ill preparing us for the rigors of advance placement classes coupled with college courses.”

Despite the negative aspects of the program that have resurfaced, one can only hope that such a great opportunity for students to pursue a higher education can be saved with communication and further modification. 

Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer