/Bird is the word

Bird is the word

Photo credit Ester Rubyan.Are you part of the bird herd?

Seven Birds One Stone” is a six-piece band from Pontiac, Michigan.

Members of SBOS include vocalists Lauren Long and Jake Gross, guitarist Jim Gross, guitarist and keyboardist Joe Garofalo, drummer John Asmar and bassist Larry Asmar.

They play what they jokingly refer to as “pretty music”.

We have always had a hard time defining what to call our music because it’s like seven different personalities exploding into this new sound that we really don’t have a name for,” said Long, vocals.

Though they have a difficult time explaining their music, the closest correlation is to Of Monsters and Men, mainly in regards to vocals and uniqueness of their sound.

Photo credit Ester Rubyan.Each member has different musical influences varying from jazz, hip-hop, country and even Celtic music.

Guitarist Jim Gross said they had a democratic vote before deciding upon “Seven Birds One Stone”. They tried the name “Lovers” until they found another band had already claimed the name.

SBOS devotes two days a week to band practice, made difficult due to schedule conflicts.

Other difficulties of having a large band are risks of bumping into each other on small stages and having too much gear.

We’re like a bunch of clowns falling out of a van,” said Long.

Though there are difficulties, there are also positives. With many members are many more ideas.

By the time we’re done, it is what I envisioned, but 20 times better,” said Jake Gross, vocals.

According to the band, the sextet recently lost their seventh bird who chose to leave the flock to go a different direction. Their show on Jan. 17 at the Crofoot with Tristen was their first show as six birds.

Their music can be heard and downloaded free of charge through Facebook.

The band agrees that as long as their music is being heard they encourage free download.

Our pockets are empty, but our spirits are rich,” said Long, vocals.

Their newest video, released on Jan. 21, featuring the song “Never Was Never Will,” can also be found on their Facebook.

Seven Birds One Stone” is playing a show Saturday, Feb. 23 in Berkley at The Berkley Front at 9 p.m. Tickets will be $5 at the door.


Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor