//Better than “E.R.”

Better than “E.R.”

Student-to-teacher pelvic exams, literature, head shaving, humor, poetry, death, humanity, drama, sarcasm, medical lingo… this isn’t talking about an episode of “House.”

The item currently on the table is an upcoming play here at SC4 called “Wit,” written by Margaret Edson. This production is being directed by Tom Kephart. On Jan. 23, the first read through took place and it certainly looks to be a display of clever, beautiful and dramatic theatre.

Director Tom Kephart and cast of "Wit" during rehearsal. Photo credit: Kristopher Reynolds

Suzanne O’Brien, who is playing the main character Vivian Bearing (a cancer patient), is taking her role to a new level of dedication by actually shaving her head. If that doesn’t prove a love for theatre, than what does? O’Brien said, “It’s for a good cause, and I love to be a part of a good cause. Plus, unlike a tattoo, hair grows back [laughs]”.

Director Tom Kephart said, “It’s certainly an honor to be working with this play, and it’s one that has always been on my bucket list. We’re expecting great things, and I urge all to come and enjoy”.

The cast and crew consists of a diverse group of students, as well as some SC4 professors. The liveliness shown by the cast guarantees the fun, yet professional, direction that Mr. Kephart is taking it. Though the title could be misleading, there are morals and drama presented in this production that certainly would take hold of any audience. During the first read-through, the potential and promise of a more-than-appealing production was evident.

Wit” will be taking place in the Fine Arts Theatre on Thursday Mar. 21. Showtime is 5:30 p.m. Tickets will be $7 for adults and $5 for students, children and seniors. Anyone interested is urged to attend. Let’s face it, most people could use a little theatre on a Thursday.

Kephart said, “We hope to see many a student, parent, and others interested there!” 

Kristopher Reynolds

Staff Writer