/Basketball: Skippers teams are working hard and progressing

Basketball: Skippers teams are working hard and progressing

The SC4 women’s basketball team ranked sixth in the National Junior College Athletic Association’s poll last week, although the men’s team comparatively lags behind.

The Lady Skippers have played 16 games as of Jan. 21, with only one loss at the most recent game against the Delta College Pioneers. Meanwhile, the men’s team is holding out at just above breaking even with 9-8. Despite the records, both teams’ head coaches hold a cautiously optimistic outlook for the rest of the season.

Coach Mike Groulx attributes the Lady Skipper’s success to the effort the team puts in. “We’re achieving success by working hard,” he said, commenting on the 15-0 streak the Skippers held on Jan. 18. “They bring it every day to the game and they bring it every day to practice.”

The streak notwithstanding, Groulx was practical about the team’s prospects for the playoffs, noting that there’s still plenty of time left in the season to make or break them. “We’re just finishing games, basically,” he said, indicating that the team’s keeping up the hard work will determine whether or not they finish strong.

The men’s basketball coach, Dale Vos, also looks ahead to the rest of the season when considering the present, believing the team’s comeback is within reach: “We’re getting a B right now but we think we’re about where we need to be. We just need to start making an A.” Subtle adjustments, he added, not major changes, are coaching’s goal throughout the upcoming games. “It took us a little longer this time to figure out strengths,” he said. Meanwhile the players are “learning to pay a little more attention to detail and take every opponent seriously.”

Vos expects the Skippers will improve their play as well as their standing in upcoming games. “We’re growing—going in the right direction,” he said of the team overall.

So in light of both teams’ positions, it’s a good thing there’s time left. The players’ growth as individuals and as a team should, after all, be the aim beyond the hoop.

And the wins don’t hurt, either.

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Rachael Pittiglio

Sports Editor