/Basketball: Skippers play Wildcats

Basketball: Skippers play Wildcats

Johnnie Mills guards Raiders Aaron Hayes. Photo credit: Emma Williams

On Feb. 6 the men and women’s basketball teams played the Wayne County Community College Wildcats.

The Lady Skippers played first, winning 73-69.

SC4 took the first shot and led throughout the game, maintaining a 10 point lead in the first period.

That changed toward the end. The Skippers called three time-outs in the last two minutes, and the Wildcats came within two points.

Coach Mike Groulx said that even when it became close, he didn’t get nervous. “I told my assistant coach I have complete confidence in the girls. We’re in complete control of the game.”

Regarding future challenges, he said, “Every game’s as hard as the next.”

Forward Heidi Highstreet also had confidence during the game. Afterward, she said, “I knew we were gonna win. I just knew it.”

Still missing from the court was forward Jade Gaines, who injured her knee in the Jan. 26. game against Henry Ford. Gaines said she would have an MRI on Feb. 8, which would determine whether the injury was a dislocation or a torn ACL.

The Lady Skippers continue to hold their place as sixth in the National Junior College Athletic Association Division II poll.

As of Feb. 19 their record is 22-1.

The men’s team lost to the Wildcats 64-51.

Skipper Joshua Harvey defends in the Feb 6 game against WCCC. Photo credit: Emma Williams

The Skippers took the initial lead, but the Wildcats stayed within a few points. They matched the scores twice, and Wayne gained the advantage.

Inside the last minute, Skipper Deion Stegall passed to Brendalle Smith, whose shot tied the scores at 30-30 for halftime.

Despite the hopeful end to the first half, the Wildcats gained their lead and were up 20 points by 5:09.

In the last two minutes the Skippers closed seven points, but they lacked the time to recover.

Overall, the Skippers have a record of 14-12 (Feb. 19). 

Rachael Pittiglio

Sports Editor