/An evening of musical classics

An evening of musical classics

The SC4 Symphonic Band and Jazz Band put on a compelling performance Saturday night at McMorran Place Theater. Featuring new and old musical classics, the two part concert was, as indicated by the toe tapping and head bobbing of the majority of audience members, very much enjoyed and appreciated.

The first portion of the concert, the Symphonic Band portion, consisted of well managed musical climaxes and attention grabbing melodies. This portion of the concert was met at the end with a compelling and frequently changing piece, a tribute to the late actor James Dean titled “As Summer was Just Beginning.”

The next part of the concert was sort of a surprise to audience members. The Brass Ensemble, consisting of seven members, demonstrated their unique musical talents with three medium to fast paced pieces, which were very clearly well practiced. This addition of the Brass Ensemble created a three part concert instead of what was originally anticipated to consist of only two.

After a brief intermission, the Jazz Band took the stage and re-energized the crowd with a jazzy dance club sound. The movements and facial expressions of the musicians made it clear that they were enjoying themselves.

After playing one more song, the jazz band integrated with the rest of the SC4 band members once again for the Symphonic Band finale; consisting first of Cajun Folk songs, which featured exciting crescendo’s and percussion buildups. The concert was then concluded with selections from the Broadway musical “CATS.”

The band’s conductor, Erick Senkmajer, was pleased with his band’s performance. He said that he was a new staff member at SC4, only being employed since October. “SC4 has been very supportive of me,” he said. “We have been working with SC4 to advertise for these concerts in hopes to increase the number of people in attendance.” The audience consisted of an older crowd, mostly families of the performers.

Brittany Vermeersch, a 20 year old SC4 student from Croswell, stated that although she had heard about the concert, she was not able to attend. “I like all music, so I would be interested in attending the next concert if it were better advertised.”

The next Symphonic and Jazz band concert will be held at the beginning of April. 


Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer