/Ways to help with holiday depression

Ways to help with holiday depression

Ways to help with holiday depression

Mairead Warner

Staff Writer


For some of us the holidays are a joyous time, but for others the holidays are not so joyous.

If you know someone who is having a rough time during the holiday, you can make a difference.

Volunteering can help those who are not feeling the holiday mood. Cooking Christmas dinner for someone who is unable, or inviting someone who is alone over the holidays for dinner.

Visit a homeless shelter and help feed the homeless.

For those who have had a loved one pass away, try making a Christmas memory box that includes all of the good memories that you have with that other person.

Send someone a holiday card. If a love one is not with you during the holiday, send them a care package.

One can donate money, food, clothes, etc. to a charity they wish to support. Charities like Toys-for-Tots.

Helping out in your community is an option. Start a community food drive, or maybe have a hot chocolate and cookies bake sale. Donate the profits to local community schools.

The holidays can bring out the good times in light of the bad times.

Depression affects many people in all shapes and sizes, including Bev Sykes. Photo Credit: Mairead Warner

Throwing a neighborhood Christmas party can help one get to know their neighbors better. It can also help those in need of company, and could bring those in need of some to talk to people to talk to.

During neighborhood Christmas parties, have the kids exchange gifts. For those whose holiday depression is caused by lack of income, create a Christmas budget. The budget can include food, decorations, gifts, etc.

Try organizing holiday menus, party ideas and a gift exchange.

If you, or someone you know, is feeling depressed over the holidays, there are people willing to help just a phone call away.

For the National Suicide Prevention Hotline Lifeline call (800)273- 8255. Here are the numbers for St. Clair Community Mental Health Services (810)987-6911 and (888)225-4447.

Both services provide 24 hour and seven days a week assistance.