/The SC4 survival guide to finals week

The SC4 survival guide to finals week

The SC4 survival guide to finals week

Hayley Myron



The end of the world is nigh, at least according to the Mayan Calendar.

However, fear not, because the reasoning behind it isn’t because our finals are coming next week. In order to avoid a disastrous demise I have found ways from across the campus on how to survive and pass the dreaded finals.

To begin I roamed the student center looking for other students who were bunkering down with books and pencils.

I stumbled across Melissa Bratton, a freshman from Marysville, who looked ready to take on the college world. I asked her why she though that it was important to study for the finals and she replied, “It is to make sure that the information sticks, because the finals make or break your grade.”

The tools to being successful on your finals are within your own grasp. The best approaches I have found to do for studying are easy to do.

Whenever I begin my study process, I make sure that I am comfortable and there are no distractions within the room. Along with that I make sure I have something to drink and something else to snack on.

When studying it is best not to just do it all at once.

Ashley Smith, a freshman from Marysville, told me, “Don’t cram all in one night, and don’t stay up all night before the test.”

It is much better to spread out your studying time over a longer period of time. You will be much more likely to absorb the information that you read.

If you would like more tips on how to study, go to academictips.com