//The rise of a new classic

The rise of a new classic

The rise of a new classic

Hayley Myron



All the mystical figures you loved as a child jam packed into a full feature film?

I say heck yes.

Last weekend I went with my family to go see “The Rise of the Guardians” and let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

This movie is the story of how the main character, who is Jack Frost, finds his purpose. In the beginning, all he knows is that the moon man told him his name.

However, the Boogey Man, also known as Pitch, begins to fill the children of the world with fear and nightmares, so the Guardians realize they need more help.

The moon man tells Santa, the Tooth fairy, Sandman, and the Easter Bunny to let Jack join the Guardians.  Throughout the film they begin to develop an everlasting friendship.

“The Rise of the Guardians” displays how much each of our childhood idols help out one another.

The best part about this movie is that it is far from the general idea of how we have always viewed these characters.

The Easter Bunny is Australian and fights with boomerangs. Not to mention the Tooth Fairy looks like hummingbird.

The Sandman is small and of course, made of sand. Lastly, my favorite is the Russian Santa Clause.

Nothing says Santa like dual sword fights and stupid elves.

So, when you get the chance I highly encourage you to go out and see it in theaters. It won’t disappoint.