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Zachary Penzien

Production Editor


Did you know Santa fought the Devil? And won!

He is not as concrete of an idea as one may think.

The modern Santa as we know him has only been around as long as Coke. Santa as we know him now is a combination of the 1920 Coke advertising department and the art of a man named Thomas Nast.

Santa Photo Credit: Zack

Since the late 1800’s, there have been some odd myths that have been taken into the Santa lore around the world.

Here are two of the weirder ones culled from the book “History of Santa clause” by Duncan Royale.

In middle ages, Holland, Black Peater was the name of the Devil. Santa didn’t stand for that. According to legends, he defeated Black Peat, also known as Zwarte Peat, and made him deliver presents to the children of Netherlands by dropping them down the chimney and into their shoes.

The bad kids didn’t get coal; they were taken during the night. In later versions of the story, they were taken to hell, which because of Spanish rule in Holland, was Spain.

In the 1850’s he was depicted as a black caricature, leading it to come under fire for racism in modern times.

Father Ice is an ancient Russian bedtime story, and like all ancient bed time stories, it’s terrifying.

According to legend, there was a woman who had a bad daughter and a good step daughter. The mother always treated the step daughter more harshly than her real daughter.

One day, the mother through the step daughter out into the cold, and she was found by Father Ice. He was impressed by the step daughter’s kindness and rewarded her with diamonds.

When the mother tried to repeat the events by throwing her real daughter out in the snow, Father Ice punished the daughter by turning her into a pillar of ice.

Slowly, for some reason, he became associated with Christmas.

Like most myths and fairy tales, Santa is very malleable. He has gone through many variations around the world due to the primitive communication.