/SC4 students lack involvement in clubs

SC4 students lack involvement in clubs

SC4 students lack involvement in clubs

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor


College is the time where young adults tend to experiment with their newfound independence.

Students involve themselves in campus life, living away from home, making new friends, taking on big loans, working long hours, and developing coffee addictions from late nights, in addition to their academic responsibilities.

Community college students have many of the same tasks as university students, yet attending a commuter school carries over the responsibilities of home and family into their years of educational pursuit.

Such is the case with SC4.

On a survey of 500 SC4 students on their awareness and involvement with campus clubs, 77 percent of students answered that they are not involved in a campus club.

Yet only 34 percent of students said that they do not have an interest in becoming involved, though many students expressed concerns that they are interested, but lack the time.

More than half of the student participants, 53 percent, said they do not know where to find more information on campus clubs.

Alyssa Ferri, alumni of SC4, noted the struggle with membership during her time with the Music club.

“I feel that faculty needs to be more aware and involved in spreading the word of clubs,” said Ferri. “I think a lot of students don’t go searching for them, so more measures need to be taken to put it right in front of their nose.”

Vice President of Student Government Sean Lathrop thinks it is difficult to get students at a two-year college to become involved with student activities and campus clubs.

“SC4 students are here to get an education and transfer out. I believe the amount of work a club must do to stay afloat is a deterrent,” said Lathrop.

SC4 currently has 16 campus clubs. Among these clubs are the Music club, the Criminal Justice club, the Health and Wellness club, Phi Theta Kappa honor society, the Erie Square Gazette, WSGR radio, the Gay-Straight Alliance, the Marketing and Management club, the Drama club, and SC4’s newest campus club, Magical Gathering.

For a full list of SC4 clubs and meeting times, visit sc4.edu.

Global Awareness club President Bridget Cadena thinks that clubs are a great way to spend time at school.

“Clubs are a good opportunity to meet new people and fill in your break time during the day,” said Cadena.

SC4 Student Activities Coordinator Angel Niedekohr believes that involvement in campus clubs has a good impact on students, giving them experience with leadership and having a good impact on the college.

“They give you a sense of belonging to your college,” said Niederkohr.

During the distribution of the survey, some students stated an interest in an art or a magic club.

SC4 clubs photo

Students interested in creating a new club would need to make a charter that states the proposed new club’s name, goals, and a mission that ties back to SC4’s curriculum or a program sponsored by them, such as the athletic department.

The club also needs the name and signature of at least four students who are willing to serve as officers of the club. These students will be the club’s founders.

Lastly, the club needs a signed memo from a college faculty member that states that they are willing to serve as the club’s advisor.