//SC4 alumni donates $500,000 to scholarships

SC4 alumni donates $500,000 to scholarships

SC4 alumni donates $500,000 to scholarships

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor


The pursuit of knowledge just got a little less expensive.

SC4 alumni and local businessman Gene Oldford made a donation to set up a scholarship fund in the amount of $500,000 to the SC4 Foundation’s All Aboard: Campaign for Talent, Technology, and Tomorrow specifically for student scholarships.

Before Oldford’s donation, the campaign had raised just over $125,600 for student scholarships, well over their goal of $100,000.

SC4 President Dr. Pollock made the announcement Nov. 3 at SC4’s annual Red Carpet Affair as a public thanks.

The Stephen B. and Clara E. Oldford Scholarship Endowment Fund, named in honor of Oldford’s parents, will be received over the next five years. The first installment needs time to generate interest and then will be available to the students for scholarships starting in the 2013-2014 year.

Graduates of St. Clair and Sanilac County high schools with a 2.5 GPA are eligible for the scholarship. Applicants will be required to submit an essay.

The scholarship amount student applicants will be able to receive, and how many students the fund could benefit, will vary and has yet to be determined.

“As the interest grows, we can help more students,” said David Goetze, SC4 Director of College Advancement and Alumni Relations.

According to Goetze, the scholarship could be as much as full tuition and books.

To set up a scholarship fund, there must be a $20,000 endowment, though
this can be paid in installments.

There is also the option of donating to existing scholarships. Donations can also be made online, though there is a $10 minimum for credit cards due to processing fees.

For a list of available scholarships, go to sc4.edu/scholarships.

“Students should always look into everything that they are potentially eligible for. People want to help,” said Pollock.