//Between semesters

Between semesters

Between semesters

Rachael Pittiglio

Guest writer


You have a minimum of 23 days. But don’t worry—it’s just winter break.

SC4’s final week of classes and exams begins on Dec. 17 and ends on Dec. 21, and the winter 2013 semester does not start until Jan. 14.  This means there is just a little more than three weeks to prepare (be it mentally, physically, or fiscally) for the next semester, or for whatever else 2013 holds for you.

For some, the break means time for an academic recharge.

Textbooks used at SC4 for the fall 2012 semester. Photo Credit: Rachael Pittiglio

“First three days I’m not doing nothing. I’m not even gonna look at a book,” says Kevin Doyle, a student in the liberal arts program.

After 16 weeks of classes and then finals, even the most studious of us can use a little while off.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t put that time to work. You might put in a few more hours at your job, or, if you haven’t already, you might register for winter classes.

If this semester was your last at SC4, you might spend the break getting ready for a new job, or to transfer.

Even if you’ll still be working, the break from school provides some time to tackle other projects and catch up with friends and family. Kris Raymond, a criminal justice corrections major, says she’ll use it to move to a new home and to spend time with her daughter.

Of course, sometimes the value of having time off is that you don’t have to schedule anything. Business major Michael Mulé has no definite plans about what to do during his break.

“I’m not too sure yet,” Mulé said. “Possibly going north snowmobiling. Hanging out with family; that kind of stuff.”

You might relish the chance to sleep in, or the opportunity to decide what to do with the downtime day by day.

Whatever your plan, or lack thereof, you’ll have at least 23 days to enact it. What will you do with your winter break?