/The season of giving… blood

The season of giving… blood

The season of giving… blood

Nick Wedyke

Staff Writer


The need is constant.

The gratification is instant.

Give Blood.

Phi Theta Kappa held a Red Cross blood drive Monday and Tuesday in the College Center Café, where they beat their goal for donations, and spread the word of why donations are so important around the winter season.

“[Giving Blood] is important in winter months because the number of donations is much lower,” said Tyler Wessel, a student member of Phi Theta Kappa.

According to CBS News, blood donations in the U.S. are at a fifteen year low; with recent natural disasters, the need for these donations is even more significant. On average, a one pint donation can save three lives.

“After [hurricane] Sandy the need for blood donation is even greater,” said Sarah Mineau, Vice President of Service for Phi Theta Kappa.

One major reason that donation numbers have fallen is the fact that many people are unaware of how exactly to give blood, according to RedCross.org. The process of donating blood is incredibly safe and simple; it’s getting ready for an appointment that is the most critical part.

Hydrating the day of an appointment is very important, and making sure a student has healthy iron levels is crucial for eligibility. Bring a list of medications being taken is encouraged, as well as identification.

After the initial registration, a “mini physical” will take place, and then the donation process will begin.

Once this is completed and a student has donated blood, they are asked to sit for about 10 minutes to enjoy refreshments and relax. It is very important to continue drinking fluids the rest of the day after each donation.

If you want to know more about donating blood with the Red Cross, you can go to www. RedCrossBlood .org and use code STCCCC to sign up for Phi Theta Kappa’s next blood drive in April.