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Last day to withdraw

Last day to withdraw

Hayley Myron


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The last day to withdraw from any of your fall semester classes is on Friday, Nov. 17. Even though you do not get a refund for the classes you drop, it is still worth looking into.

Getting a “W” is much better than receiving a failing grade on your transcripts, however too many students think that dropping their classes is worse than failing them.

This notion is not true. The option to withdraw is there for a reason.

Nicholas Amormino, a sophomore of SC4 from Yale, said, “It is better than failing, you’re going to waste your time anyway.”

There is no point in throwing away a chance to start over again.

Failing grades are not the only reason to drop a class.

If you feel that you have taken on too much, or just cannot stand to be in the class anymore, you can still drop the class.  There is no explanation needed.

Also, if you are still not convinced it is a good idea, just remember that you are able to retake the classes you drop over again.

With “W” grades it does not affect your overall G.P.A., and if you are thinking about transferring over to another college, or even just advancing your education, people who evaluate your grades would prefer to see “W”s over failing grades any day.