//For the “Dragon Age” fans

For the “Dragon Age” fans

For the “Dragon Age” fans

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor

As “Dragon Age” fans all over await the release of game three, “Dragon Age: The Silent Grove” might help ease the pain.

Written by David Gaider, lead writer for the “Dragon Age” games, and Alexander Freed, senior writer for “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” and illustrated by Chad Hardin, this comic series is definitely worth picking up, provided you are knowledgeable of the “Dragon Age” world.

Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

The art is stunning. The story is intriguing. And the characters are well written.

Perhaps one of the biggest things that the series has going for it are its protagonists. Rather than creating new characters, the writers went with faces that all fans of the series should recognize.

Faces such as Alistair, the current king of Ferelden and former companion of the Warden in “Dragon Age: Origins.” Joining his highness on this journey are two of Hawke’s companion from “Dragon Age II,” Isabela and Varric.

Not exactly three characters fans would expect to see hanging around each other.

The unlikely trio have found themselves in Antiva, home to Thedas’ deadliest assassins, the Crows. Despite the dangers that exist in the land, Alistair has chosen to brave Antiva in order to search for something of importance to him. Isabela and Varric are pretty much just along for the ride, and the gold.

Now, there is a downside to the series, and that is that it establishes a canon storyline.

One of the big draws of games like “Dragon Age” is that the player is allowed to make choices and ultimately create their own story. An example being Alistair, some players may not have made him the king.

I’d recommend to any readers whose games don’t fit the canon found in the comics to think of it as an alternate storyline and just sit back and take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the characters.