DJ Palm

Sport Editor

The Lady Skippers have been nothing but dominant since the start of the season.

Their first five games have been won by an average of 30 points, the narrowest margin of victory for the Lady Skippers, and oh yeah, they’re 5-0.

That came last Tuesday Night with Lansing CC.

Lady Skips opened up like they always have, with Head Coach Mike Groulx’s game plan of a full court press had them up early opening the game with a 9-2 run. Starting center Hiedi Highstreet was a little bit limited in the first half as she had three fouls in the first nine minutes.

LCC has been the toughest challenge for the Lady Skips so far this season, holding the Lady Skips to 58 points after scoring 89,83,87, and 66 through their first four games.

Tiesha Knott in the second half wasn’t letting the team drop one in the loss column as they  were only up 9 at halftime.

“We weren’t executing like we wanted to,” said Knott, who had 10 of her 18 points in the second half, six of those 10 consecutively to open after halftime. “We stayed in control, kept communicating and that’s what got us the win.”

Groulx called the win against LCC an “ugly win.”

“They(LCC) did a real good job of slowing the tempo of the game, we like to play faster but we adjusted and pulled it out,” said Groulx.

Lady Skips’ next game is on the road Thursday in Grand Rapids, where they look to go 6-0.