/Dawn of a new “Saga”

Dawn of a new “Saga”

Dawn of a new “Saga”

Zachary Penzien

Production Editor

“Saga” is Brian K. Vaughan’s, producer of “Lost” and writer of “Y: the Last Man,” newest comic endeavor, along with artist Fiona Staples.

“Saga” has recently found its home in trade paperback form. Through “Saga,” Vaughan creates a world of strange creatures, weird locations and ghost babysitters with all the hints of a larger unseen world that reminds me of the best parts of “Star Wars.”

Oh, did I mention magic is a thing in this Sci-fi story?

Photo Credit: Mira Hartford under a creative common liscence

The story centers on a newly married pair of- for lack of a better term- “aliens,” who have defected from opposing warring races, trying to get their new born baby away from the war they each have no interest in being a part in.

The two warring races are the Horns and the Wings, for short.

The Horns, you guessed it, have horns, ranging from deer antlers to goat like spirals. They are the wielders of magic.

The Wings have, well, wings, ranging in shape from bug like to bird like. They rely on science and technology for their military power.

Just a heads up, “Saga” does have the content about the level of a HBO drama. If you’re reading this, I assume you’re in college and can handle that. If not, this may not be the book for you.

The story in “Saga” is well done; even the weirdest or evil characters get their humanizing moment in the story. The little personal moments between the main characters are my favorite parts.

The whole book flows nicely, little personal moments are set next to big important, or strange, moments that all seem to fit together to make up the world.

It’s a great read, and it’s available now.