/Blue Water Art Hop brings to you fine art

Blue Water Art Hop brings to you fine art

Blue Water Art Hop brings to you fine art

Amber Oile

Staff Writer


Blue Water Art Hop brings you fine art.

On Nov. 2 Port Huron hosted the Blue Water Art Hop.

The Art Hop originated in Grand Rapids and made its way to Port Huron after its success in the town.  Participating businesses filled wall to wall with people means another successful night for Blue Water.

Partnering together with downtown Port Huron’s local businesses, over twenty artists from all over the state displayed their art.

St. Clair County Community College jump started the event with artwork from local artist Jason Stier. The eye catching display had many passersby engaged in the artist’s work and ready to see more.

Port Huron High School students stopped over to take pictures for a tech class, and others to gain inspiration for personal interest in art.

Mosher’s Jewelry joined together with Sarah Allen, displaying her colorful and sculpted canvases. The combination of these two left viewers in awe.

Kate’s Downtown showed art work by siblings Mary Jo Boughton and Cindy Lindow. The Detroit natives showed their love for their hometown with pieces from old abandoned Catholic churches by Lindow, and photos from the Detroit Zoo by Boughton.

“Their photography was thrilling for the eyeballs,” said Port Huron native, Sebastian Radall.

The entire downtown filled with art from top to bottom, showing the culture of our city and other cities combined left a lasting impression on our natives.