Be prepared

Be prepared

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor

To see a man you consider a second father thrashing around on the floor, unable to control any movement in his body, is not something I can easily put into words.

The other night I experienced this for the second time, ironically during epilepsy awareness month.

Aside from calling the ambulance, standing around and watching the person have a seizure doesn’t help very much.

David and I moved all the furniture away from his father and anything else he might harm himself with, and grabbed a pillow so he wouldn’t hit his head on the floor. During this, his mother made sure that his teeth wouldn’t bite through his tongue during the episode.

Not living in a household with an epileptic, I didn’t realize just how much you need to have ready should the person go into a grand mal seizure at any moment.

Having a card with contacts and medical information at hand can be so important.

According to epilepsyfoundation .org, one out of ten adults will have a seizure in their lifetime.

I am sad to say that while calling 911, I blanked on the address. A friend’s house I had visited for at least seven years, and had to turn over the phone.

Take advantage of epilepsy awareness month and inform yourself so you can be prepared…just in case.

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