//Artist stomping ground comes to downtown Port Huron

Artist stomping ground comes to downtown Port Huron

Artist stomping ground comes to downtown Port Huron

Erick Fredendall

Business/Advertising Editor

Equip. Empower. Engage. Inspire.

Those four words are the inspiration and mission of the new downtown business, Art for Good, a creative café and arts workshop that will be celebrating its grand opening Dec. 1 from 1-6 p.m., and will be hosting raffles and other events throughout the day.

Owners Jenny Rogers and Lee-Perry Bellleau display a few of the products sold at Art for Good. Photo Credit: Erick Fredendall

The owners, husband and wife Lee-Perry Belleau and Jenny Rogers, created Art for Good as an attempt to bring together the creative minds in the Blue Water area and create an active workshop where artists could come to create, or mull the day over a cup of coffee.

The business is actually divided into three entities: Art for Good, Creative Café, and the KidSAKE Foundation.

Art for Good, the name the store is identified with, is the retail end of the business, which features fair trade coffees, teas, and chocolates, as well as Michigan-made projects.

Art for Good volunteer Eric Gottler makes a poster for the grand opening. Photo Credit: Erick Fredendall

The owners, Belleau and Rogers, feel very strongly about their fair trade products.

“Many people don’t realize that majority of coffee and chocolates that we consume are produced by slave labor—it is a huge trade, international slave trafficking,” Belleau explained. “The fair trade products we feature are grown on farms by farmers and their employees, who are receiving working wages for their products.”

The KidSAKE Foundation, of which Rogers stands as the executive director, is an organization founded to promote art based programs and reach out to communities world-wide.

As for the Creative Café, the purpose is simple; create an environment where artists can work and grow.

With worktables, a stage, a reference library, and a wifi connection, the café is an ideal location for those looking for a quiet place to work or collaborate with friends.