/Alumni association overview

Alumni association overview

Alumni association overview

Kristopher Reynolds

Guest Writer


“The Alumni Association is vital to the future and enrichment of both SC4 and its students,” said SC4’s President Kevin A. Pollock during the annual Alumni Association meeting on Nov. 15.

When one takes a minute to look at all the various fund-raising, scholarships, trips, and other activities put on by the Alumni Association, it’s quite easy to see where Pollock is coming from.

Every year in November, the Alumni Association hosts its annual meeting.

Several important news-worthy events took place, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Robert W. Carson has been a part of the association for over 20 years. Carson has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for students and the college itself, and was awarded the 2012 Alumni of the Year Award, with great gratitude and appreciation from his colleagues.

S.L. Husain Hamzavi, M.D., was given special acknowledgment for donating $30,000 to scholarships and medical students. Also, mentioned at the meeting was the fact that this July marks the 90th anniversary of St. Clair County Community College.

The Alumni Association, besides various scholarships and fundraising, is also known for the variety of different activities and events that the members put on and host.

On March 18, 2013, a Red Wings bus trip will be put on, provided the shenanigans put forth by the team don’t interfere.

“Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” which takes place on April 4, 2013, is an Alumni-sponsored event where four retired SC4 professors will be giving speeches on various subjects.

The Detroit Tigers bus trip will be taking place sometime in September of 2013. The Alumni Golf Classic will take place June 14, 2013.

As hinted earlier, the 90th Anniversary SC4 Alumni Homecoming will be July 18, 2013. And as always, the Skipper Spooktacular Fun Run/Walk will be held sometime in October of 2013.

Hopefully, this paints a picture of the Alumni Association’s involvement and pride with their college and its students.