//A taste of downtown Port Huron

A taste of downtown Port Huron

A taste of downtown Port Huron

Erick Fredendall

Business/Advertising Editor


The Downtown Port Huron Bar and Restaurant Collective will be hosting a tasting of the local fare Saturday, Nov.10, in the McMorran auditorium.

The tasting will start at 2 p.m and run until 7 p.m.

Restaurants that will be participating in this event include the Atrium, the Raven Café, Fuel Woodfire Grill, Quay Street Brewery, the Coffee Harbor, and Lynch’s Irish Tavern.

The Port Huron Brand Restaurant Collective Logo

Tickets, at $1 each, will be sold at the event that can be redeemed at the vendors for a variety of food and drink, ranging from breakfast to dessert, and anything in between.

Live entertainment will also be provided by the Raven Café, with roughly two-four sets lined up for the event spaced over the five hour period.

Mike Taylor, B.R.C. president and owner of Fuel Woodfire Grill, emphasized the importance of the event, and encourages all to attend.

“We want people to know that there is an alternative to going to visit the chain restaurants down in Fort Gratiot,” Taylor explained, “Downtown Port Huron has the potential to be a great place, and we want the community’s involvement in making that vision happen.”