//What’s in your wallet? The Skippers OneCard!

What’s in your wallet? The Skippers OneCard!

What’s in your wallet? The Skippers OneCard!

Joyce Smith

Staff Writer

New this year on the SC4 campus, the Skippers OneCard!

Over 3200 students have already been photographed for the “new and improved” version of the traditional student identification card.

Aside from featuring student photos for positive identification purposes, the new card offers other innovations designed to simply life for students and faculty, including access to library and student fitness center services, student discounts, and financial aid access options.

A sample Skippers One Card

Additionally, cards can be reloaded and used like a debit card campus-wide for purchases at the book store, cafeteria, campus vending and at traditional ATM locations. Ultimately credits from book buy backs may also be directed to the SkippersOne Card.

Some questions regarding security and credit report impact have come up on campus.

According to Bonnie DiNardo, Co-Project Manager for SC4, “The cards are very secure. They are FDIC insured, and activating your Skippers OneCard online is through a highly secured system utilized by over 770 institutions nationwide. Skippers OneCard information will never be released to creditors, and so will not impact your credit report.”

However, students must activate the card to be able to access all the services being offered, and also to access financial aid refunds.

DiNardo added, “Even if students are not receiving financial aid, or anticipating a refund, they MUST activate the card to access library and other student services.”

Students need not open an account with HigherOne, but they must activate their card and choose an option to gain access to their student financial aid funds.

What’s in it for the school and HigherOne?

According to DiNardo the school is endeavoring to streamline the financial aid distribution process, increase student security and add access to student benefits and services for all students.

HigherOne is hoping that students will opt to open a debit card account with them, and that they will create a long-term banking relationship.

If you are one of the over 1400 students who have not had their photos taken, you are urged to do so as soon as possible by visiting the Student Success Center.

You may contact Bonnie DiNardo at bdinardo@SC4.edu to check times to have your photo taken, or to inquire if you have had your photo taken already but have not yet received your card.

“Like any new system there have been a few glitches, but we are working through them.  And, we would love to hear any suggestions for improvement that anyone may have,” DiNardo concluded.

So next time someone asks you, “What’s in your wallet?” you will be able to answer, “My Skippers OneCard student ID!”