/R.A.I.N.N Day informs of sexual abuse and dangers to all

R.A.I.N.N Day informs of sexual abuse and dangers to all

R.A.I.N.N Day informs of sexual abuse and dangers to all

Amber Oile         

Staff Writer


Sexual Abuse discriminates against no one.

Men, women, boys and girls alike are faced everyday with the risk of being victimized. R.A.I.N.N Day gathers fellow students and members of the community to educate themselves on the matter of sexual abuse, incest and rape.

“Anyone can be a target,” says Jennifer Rader, a victim turned survivor of sexual assault crime.

Rader informs all in attendance about the issues of abuse in many aspects. She talks about the different forms of abuse and the various affects it may have on targets.

SC4 dual student Meghan Grady speaks about the insight she gained as a result of attending the event. Grady expressed how helpful the information will be for her in the future.

All are encouraged be aware of the potential dangers of sexual abuse.

Detective Kelsey Wade shared some tips on what might help avoid a possible attempt of abuse or assault. Things such as monitoring beverages at a party may prevent someone from slipping something in your drink and potentially taking advantage of you in your disposition.

Wade talks about the dangers of drugs that may be used to sedate targets and cautions all to be aware of beverages, for they may be at risk. People are likely to be slipped drugs at a party, or gathering, due to unsupervised drinks, making it easy for predators to make their move.

Prosecuting Offender and Victims’ Rights Orosecutor Mike Wendling, suggests if assaulted, pressing charges and taking action against an offender, in which case just may spare emotional damage due to assault.

Letting offenders get away with abuse will only continue the act of violence, according Wendling. These offenders need to be punished, he explained.

Safe Horizons also offered students insight on where to go and what to do, allowing students the chance to hear about past victims and their experience with the issue at hand.

Rader offered tips and helpful information on where to turn if victimized, and also the effects these attacks may have.

Being a survivor of sexual assault, Rader explained, is not easy thing to deal with. It can cause psychological damage and long term emotional hardship to survivors.

Students who have been affected, or know someone that has been, are encourage to alert authorities.