//Pumpkin carving or tree trimming?

Pumpkin carving or tree trimming?

Pumpkin carving or tree trimming?

Christina Stoutenburg


Super markets and big box stores seem to be keeping me on my toes.

Am I buying trick-or-treating bags, or tree ornaments? Isn’t Thanksgiving somewhere in between there?

While on a recent shopping trip, I had decided to be nosey and check out some Halloween decorations and I was shocked to find ornaments and tree toppers readily available. Some stores even have their trees out and priced.

Christmas or halloween?

What happened to the days when after Halloween we set up for Thanksgiving and the day after turkey carving, we put up our lights?

When I was younger, my family and I would get all the decorating done, get the gifts wrapped, and then take a nice snowy drive to see all the lights. But with the pace of our holidays now we can check out who has the best jack-o-lanterns while we are at it.

Christmas is wonderful, but the making of lists of wants, doesn’t seem to mesh well with a holiday focused around what we are thankful for.

Are we as a society looking too far ahead and just rushing our life along, when we should be stopping to smell the roses?

Yes, putting your Christmas lights up to help little ghouls and goblins find their way will help you be on top of the curve, but it seems to take away some of the specialness of the holiday.

Then again, businesses are not in the market of specialness, they are here to make money. And to make money they all want to offer their products first.

Can you really blame them for wanting their business to succeed in today’s economy?

But what can be done, do we just ignore the change or give in?

Maybe I’ll just kill two birds with one stone and be an elf for Halloween.