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Carol Szparaga  

Staff Writer


“Why do you feel it is important to vote this election year?”



James Krosnicki

Macro (Bio Medical Sciences)


“There are so many issues that can change this year, one of them being changes such as Health Care.”



Brandon Bergen

Associates in science


“It is important to vote, because each candidate has different views on the middle class economy, which is the bulk of our students and America. It is important to vote, also because it will affect your life as a citizen. The next four years of your life are in your hands.”


Stacy Boyle

Environmental science


“It is the basis of our democracy. Voting is how we express our opinions, and there is more at stake this election, because of the condition of our country.”


Maria Watson

Computer application


“The economy needs to be fixed. Romney’s for the rich and not the middle class. It is important that you vote because we need to vote for someone that will represent us, to create jobs and eliminate homelessness.”


Lexie Muldoon

Physical therapy assistant


“This is the actual election that both candidates can make big changes. Both candidates have differences in opinions, and thoughts. It is important to vote for the one that will benefit the majority.”