//Lady Skips lose to Oakland CC in four sets

Lady Skips lose to Oakland CC in four sets

Lady Skips lose to Oakland CC in four sets

DJ Palm

Sports Editor

The Lady Skips showed early signs of an upset, but OCC proved to be too much as the Skips lost in four sets, (25-18) (25-7) (25-22) (25-17).

In the first set the Lady Skips showed much better communication skills on the court as they were showing signs of being the superior team despite the Raiders(OCC) obvious height advantage.

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OCC came into the game being the fourth ranked team in the nation and the Lady Skips were able to get the first set 25-18.

Second set was all OCC as they opened up a 7-3 lead in the first 10 points of the set. Katie Bearse, tried to rally the Lady Skips back into the game with consecutive “love taps” that fell for points.

Momentum was quickly taken back by the Raiders as they would take seven of the next 10 points, making the score 14-6.

The Raider’s height advantage forced the Lady Skips to spike the ball farther away from the net, which led to a lot of balls landing out of bounds. OCC would get 11 straight and close out the second set 25-7.

Third set was much more competitive, as there were four lead changes in the first 10 points of the match.

The Lady Skips were able to get the lead in the third set on the 25th point, thanks to Jordan Peltier’s “love tap,” which gave them a short lived one point lead, making it13-12.

The Raiders stormed right back, taking back the lead with seven of the next nine points, making the score 18-14.

Bearse was able to finally get to the front of the net with a spike that landed just inside the line, starting a rally being down 24-19, bringing the score 24-22, but it was too little too late. OCC got the winning point, 25-22.

Fourth set, the first ten points would be split evenly and neither side would have a lead bigger than four points.

The Raiders quickly kicked it up a notch and broke out to a 13-7 lead, and eventually doubling up the Lady Skips, 18-6.

The Lady Skips were showing signs of resilience, but would eventually lose, putting the Raiders up 24-11.

Lady Skips didn’t go quietly and put together an almost impossible comeback, but OCC’s Chelsea Stockmeyer would put the game to bed, slamming a spike down that landed for the game point and the match.