/Journey into the unseen

Journey into the unseen

Journey into the unseen

Zachary Penzien

Production Editor

Have you ever heard about a videogame that has never surfaced, leaving you wondering if they were ever real or a lack luster fever dream?

If so, do I have the website for you!

Unseen64.net is an archive of material from canceled, unseen and beta videogames. In the past week, most spare time I’ve had has been lost on browsing the site packed with concept art, tech demos and information about games from every notable console and iteration of PC’s.

Unseen64 also has concept art and demo videos from games that have come out, but if you’re just interested in seeing video content Unseen64 has to offer, check out www.youtube.com/ user/monokoma.

I got lost in Unseen64 because I love to see the creative process behind the media I like.

When the Nintendo DS first came out I heard a rumor from one of my friends that “Halo 2” was coming to the DS. I was excited that I would be able to take one of my favorite games with me, but it never surfaced and I assumed that my friend gotten some bad information.

My friend was correct; Unseen64 has a video of a tech demo for the game that was apparently scrapped.

Unseen 64 is a love letter to the creative process of videogames. If you’re like me and get lost in the “making of” parts of DVDs, give it a look. I’m sure it will be added to your bookmarks in no time.