//Boo, I hope I didn’t scare you

Boo, I hope I didn’t scare you

Boo, I hope I didn’t scare you

Hayley Myron


Halloween is the time of year where it is acceptable to run around in crazy costumes and scare the living daylights out of strangers.

Even the movie industry jumps on the bandwagon to make a few horror films during the fall months.  Personally, I am terrified of horror movies and I refuse to watch them, but fear not.

I have composed a list of my favorite Halloween movies that are not traumatizing to watch, along with that you will still be able to sleep in the dark.



“The Nightmare Before Christmas”– This is a stop motion film about the king of Halloween town, Jack Skellington.  In this movie he discovers Christmas Town and does not quite understand the concept, so he tries to combine the two different holidays.  Although he tries his hardest, his unique idea doesn’t pan out well. It is a good movie to watch for both holiday seasons.


“Young Frankenstein”– This is a comical take on Mary Shelly’s original “Frankenstein.”  It takes place many years after Dr. Frankenstein’s first creation and begins with his grandson.  After his death he gave his castle to his grandson, and the young Dr. Frankenstein decided to repeat the old experiments his grandfather had done.  It is filled with chaos and humor; it is the scariest comedy of all time!


“Corpse Bride”– This is another Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp as the protagonist Victor Van Dort. In this film, Victor has been engaged to Victoria Evergolt because of their families’ finical and social standings. As they rehearsed for the wedding, Victor could not get his vows right so he wandered into the woods.  After he said his vows correctly he finds himself married to Emily, the corpse bride.  As he tries to make it back to Victoria her family replaces him with a wealthier man.  This film is fantasy between living and the dead.  A good choice for a Halloween movie marathon.


“The Addams Family”– This was a remake of the 1960’s television show “The Addams Family.”  After being gone for 25 years, Uncle Fester had reappeared. Morticia and Gomez Addams happily accepted him back into the family without realizing that he was an imposter. An evil doctor was planning on taking the Addams family’s money through the fake Uncle Fester. In this comedy, we watch as the family unknowingly allows the fake Uncle Fester into their home.


“Scary Movie”– The last film of the marathon is a film that makes fun of classic horror movies.  In this movie a group of stupid teenagers accidently kill a man and then are stalked by a clumsy serial killer.  It makes fun of “Scream”, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “The Sixth Sense”, and it even covered shows like “Dawson’s Creek.” This movie is laugh-out-loud funny, and a just fun to watch.


These are my top favorite Halloween themed movies.  Even if you don’t like to be scared, it goes to show that you can still enjoy Halloween.