/Wishy washy vending

Wishy washy vending

Wishy washy vending

Christina Stoutenburg



It’s the middle of class with sleep invading, fighting for attention between that and the ongoing lecture. Attempting to add ammunition, in the form of caffeine to the lecture side of the battle, it’s time to visit the vending machines.

After money is inserted it’s time to await the reinforcements, but the battle is soon to be followed by disappointment.

The precious nectar has been expired for two months.

Maybe a snack will work out better, the process is repeated. Don’t worry those cookies have only been expired for three weeks, much better.

How many times has this happened? A good handful of times at least to myself. This is a very discouraging problem, in which not one person is to blame, but there are many victims.

According to our Production Editor, Zack Penzien, “I’ve gotten expired pop twice.”

Danielle Kennedy, Copy Editor, has also been a victim at least once.

While yes, it doesn’t happen every time, it is something that wishfully should never happen. Whether it is vending machines on campus, or the vending machines found at the mall, it always feels like a waste of money.

Unfortunately this is not the only problem found when dealing with vending machines.

There’s ones that don’t always accept dollars or change, or give out change. Some machines, while it’s not really a problem just annoyance, advertise giving back change in the form of $1s without clarifying, so while paper money is expected, instead the jingle of an unnecessary amount of change meets ones ears.

Even the coffee ones lack a very useful function of being able to customize the amount of sugar and creamer in one’s beverage, but once again this is found not only at the college machine but the ones that have been found elsewhere as well.

Vending machines are not only a gift to starving, sleepy students and people everywhere, but a curse as well.