/Wellness Wednesdays go well

Wellness Wednesdays go well

Wellness Wednesdays go well

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor 


This semester SC4 introduced “Wellness Wednesdays” to the campus.

Every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 6:15 in room 150 of the MTEC building, instructor Jenny McElwain leads a workout class with routines that vary each month.

October classes will feature z-box and dumbbells, November will be zumba and pilates, and December will have z-box and yoga exercises.

Wellness Wednesdays is sponsored by the SC4 Wellness Committee.

No registration is needed to attend, though there is a $5 charge per week, which goes to pay the instructor.

Classes are not restricted solely to students, anyone is welcome.

Kassie Piotrowski, 22 of Goodells, has been regularly attending Wellness Wednesdays.

“I feel like I’ve gotten more active since they started,” said Piotrowski. “I wish they had more days during the week.”

Piotrowski enjoys the various types of exercises, and that she doesn’t have to drive to a gym to workout.

“It’s easy that it’s on campus and I have the option of going after class,” said Piotrowski.

Alonna Mertz, 20 of St. Clair, agrees there should be another day offered.

“I’m not around Port Huron on Wednesday,” said Mertz. “I really enjoy the concept, but if it were on a different day.”

According to Donna Karsen, a Campus Patrol Officer, the classes began over a year ago and have been popular, each week hosting 25 to 40 people this semester.

Starting January, SC4 is looking into relocating the classes to the campus gym, depending on the availability.

More information on the SC4 Wellness Committee can be found on SC4’s website, sc4.edu.