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Upcoming Seminars

Upcoming seminars

Hayley Myron



The Student Success Seminars are named so in order to help students excel in college. These seminars are always free to SC4 students, alumni and community members.

This week on Friday, Sept. 28, Christopher Rennie, the Director of Library Services, will be presenting the Basic Microsoft Office PowerPoint seminar. It will begin at noon and end at 1:30 p.m.

This seminar will help students find out how to use PowerPoint with transitions, and other cool gadgets.

Along with this seminar, Rennie will be presenting another on Basic Computer User Skills on Friday, Oct. 5. That seminar will also start at noon and is an hour and a half long.

That student seminar will help those who are not very computer savvy understand how to navigate through their computer and operating systems.

If you happen to miss any of these success seminars, do not fret for they will be coming back later on in October and November.

Make sure to call and reserve your seat today by calling (810) 989-5555.