/T-birds tidbits: Automated election calls

T-birds tidbits: Automated election calls

T-birds tidbits: Automated election calls

Twana Pinskey

Managing Editor


I really wish I knew who thought up the idea of automated election phone calls. I would love having their home numbers so I could reciprocate the favor by calling them at home during their downtime.

After a long day, when I can finally sit with a cup of tea and relax, the inevitable will happen.

The phone will ring with yet another automated message from some wannabe political candidate that wants to tell me why I should vote for them, thus interrupting my peaceful solitude.

I mean, really? I just love being interrupted at home to be told what to do or how I should think, especially from a pre-recorded message.

If I am not yet committed to an issue, I will mull it over until I have made my choice. In this case, un-solicited election calls can serve a useful purpose.

All these calls do is help me decide who not to vote for.

I am much more likely to vote against the proposed issue when the message is delivered by an unwelcomed recording.

Those who use recorded, monotone, dull speeches to get things done will most likely offer up more of the same for those in their jurisdiction if elected.

Think about it. If they are too busy to reach out to voters via television, radio or good old newsprint, why would they take time to reach out to us in these mediums once elected to office?