//Skippers lose to Mott CC in straight sets

Skippers lose to Mott CC in straight sets

Skippers lose to Mott CC in straight sets

DJ Palm

Sports Editor


The Lady Skippers had their hands full at home, losing to Mott CC in straight sets 25-18, 26-24, and 25-16 last Tuesday, Sept 18.

Head Coach Chuck Wiesner said that Mott CC’s game plan is to attack the net from the side, and that’s exactly what they did.

In the first set, it was spikes on both sides of the net that had the Lady Skips trailing early 18-12. Then Kala Wagner was able to get her arms up over the net and block a booming spike for a point from Mott that made it 18-13.

But, as the Lady Skips looked like they were gaining momentum, Mott took it right back and eventually won the first set 25-18.

Second set, Mott CC opened up the scoring quickly in the second set 15-8. Then a spark was provided for the Lady Skips, thanks to Katie Bearse.

Bearse had three key blocked spikes for points that pulled the team within four 21-17. As points went back and forth, it looked like as Mott CC was starting to show signs of fatigue as Heather Griffis had two greatly timed soft tappers over the net to pull the Skips within three, and an absolute bomb that rocketed off her fist to put them within 1.

Then, Bearse had two out of the next three points with a soft tapper over the net and a spike that tied the game at 24. But in extra points, Mott CC went back to their original side attack game plan which won them the second set, 26-24.

Third set started off with the Lady Skips edging out their first lead since the beginning of the first set, 6-5. As the Skippers looked like they were going to get a substantial lead with 9-7, Mott CC roared back with three straight points.

The middle of the third set was like a see-saw as there were four lead changes. Mott CC, with the good side attack, eventually pulled away. The Skippers tried to hang in, but the ball was finding the inside of the line more for Mott CC then it was for the Lady Skips.

Mott would receive 8 of the last 11 points, taking the third set and the win, 25-16.

Wiesner said after the game it was “too many freshman mistakes” that cost the game.

“We were playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Just not enough experience yet, but I liked that they were still communicating and playing together as a team,” said Wiesner.