//Security on SC4 campus has moved

Security on SC4 campus has moved

Security on SC4 campus has moved

Carol Szparaga

Staff Writer


SC4’s Security Department (Campus Patrol) has moved to a new location.

   The department has moved to the College Center Building, room 101A. Hours of operation are from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. The campus is patrolled on foot, bicycles and Smart Green Vehicles.

“Most recent incidents have been theft,” said campus patrol officer, Keith Belyea. “Unattended belongings have been taken from owners.”

Belyea said that they would leave their belongings unattended only to find that the possessions had been taken upon their return.

“It is suggested that students and staff should keep their belongings in sight and never leave them unattended,” said Belyea.

For the most part, Belyea considers the campus pretty safe, but recommends using the buddy system when walking the campus at night

“Input campus security phone number as a contact in your cell phone and set it as a speed dial,” suggested Belyea.

SC4 Campus Patoral Smart Green Vehicle

Many students are unaware of additional services that the Campus Patrol will provide. Some of the additional services available to students would be help unlocking their car when they’ve locked their keys inside, help airing up tires, and jump starting a vehicle.

“Campus security will also provide escort services, in dangerous situations,” said Belyea. “In the past, we had a student that had a domestic disturbance on campus, the student contacted us, and we escorted the student safely to their car.”

The Campus Patrol can be reached at (810) 989-5757.  If no one is available to take your call, leave a message and it will be directly forwarded to a patrolling officer on duty.