//Ramen noodle dinner

Ramen noodle dinner

Ramen noodle dinner

Christina Stoutenburg


Cheap, quick, and easy.


These three words describe most college meals, but that doesn’t mean taste must be sacrificed.

Buying things on sale or with coupons, or a combination of both, helps to give students a variety of ingredients to work with.

To take some of the work out of finding sales and coupons there are many sites online, such as bargainstobounty .com and cuckooforcoupons .com, that will go over sales at various stores, and coupons only add to ones savings.

Stocking up a little helps. If a household eats a large amount of ketchup then pick up an extra bottle when it’s cheaper.

If time is the issue for skimping on taste, there are solutions.

Meals can be made ahead of time and frozen then microwaved for a quick fix. This method is similar to its cardboard covered supermarket counterpart, but with the added benefit of control of what’s in it.

Slow cookers, also known as crock pots, can be beneficial for coming home to a hot meal. In the morning set it up, turn it on, and it cooks itself. Soup, pulled pork and cheesecake can all be made in slow cookers.

Using food one already has is an option that can sometimes be the hardest. It’s usually followed by opening and closing the fridge at least a few times. Flipping through a cookbook can be useful, but online proves itself useful again. Websites such as ideas4recipes .com and recipematcher .com allow the user to input ingredients they already have in stock, and in exchange give a selection of recipes to choose from.

Some quick things, such as grating potatoes to make homemade hash browns or microwaved scrambled eggs, can be found on onlinecollege .org, which contains a blog featuring 100 recipes recommended for college students. The complete link can be found on the online issue of the ESG. Food.com also has some quick useful recipes under their college budget cookbook.

If technique is something to be desired, youtube .com features videos for making eggs, easy step by step, as well as baking a cake, among other things.

Taste is a factor that is often overlooked for cheap, quick, and easy, but it doesn’t need to be.