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Recently, President Obama did an “Ask Me Anything” on the website Reddit. Were you aware of this? How do you feel about it?

SC4 student, Cyle Cook


Cyle Cook


Fort Gratiot

“Nope, but I think it’s cool that he did that kind of stuff. I believe he has a Tumblr as well.”



SC4 student John Papp


John Papp



“No, I was not. I think it was a good idea.”


SC4 student Justin Wedyke


Justin Wedyke


Port Huron

“I was not until last night. I thought it was pretty cool of him to do that.”


SC4 student Heather Ellery


Heather Ellery


St. Clair

“I did not hear he did an AMA. I think it was a good strategy to connect to the younger generation.”

Photo Poll

Zachary Penzien
Production Editor