/iPhone fanatics swoon; but did Apple’s “Lightning” strike?

iPhone fanatics swoon; but did Apple’s “Lightning” strike?

iPhone fanatics swoon; but did Apple’s “Lightning” strike?


Nick Wedyke

Staff Writer


Apple released the iPhone 5 on Sept. 2 with a whole new cast of features and design improvements. I got my hands on it and this is what I thought of the newest addition to the Apple line.

First, holding the phone is an experience itself; it’s now 7.6mm in depth, which is 18 percent thinner than the 4S; and at just under five inches in length, the 5 is about a half an inch longer than the 4S.

The iPhone 4 is on the right and the iPhone 5 is on the left

The four inch display is not only bigger, but changes the screen pixel count to 1,136 x 640.  This makes for crystal clear images on the longer display, and a better mobile video viewing experience.

This pixel count also translates to taking pictures and video; shooting 1080p video is still as easy as turning on an iPhone.

Size isn’t the only cosmetic difference on the iPhone 5, the 5 has been given a sleek new two-tone paint job; and the headphone jack has been relocated on the bottom next to a much smaller dock connector.

The “Lightning Adaptor” is Apple’s newest addition to the iPhone, and likely other “I” devices in coming months. The change in adaptor size from 30 pin to eight pin, is Apple’s first step to continually aid in the shrinking of size to Apple’s various products.

The Lightning Adaptor seems incredibly brilliant, but not all consumers have such a happy sentiment about the eight-pin adaptor.

Every thirty-pin dock has now become obsolete to new eight-pin products; unless of course, one buys a $30 eight-to-thirty pin adaptor designed by Apple.

The iPhone 5, apart from receiving a face lift, has also had some “under the hood” modifications.

Building off the iPhone 4S A5 processor, the iPhone 5 uses an A6. The A6 boasts higher speeds and graphics that rival the tech inside a Microsoft Xbox 360.

Along with the processor, the 5 is able to run on a 4G LTE network, which means faster mobile surfing and a better internet experience.

On the release of the iPhone 5, Apple also unveiled its new IOS 6 operating system that not only has a new “Maps” app, but an update to “Pass Book” that makes everything from using a mobile boarding pass to paying for your coffee ridiculously convenient.

The iPhone retails for $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB) or $399 (64BG) all with a two-year contract.

Overall Apple’s iPhone 5 seems like a great purchase, full of new features to make the buyer’s life that much easier; with only a minor hiccup in the new eight-pin adaptor, this product can be counted as a buy in my book.