//A different way to search the web

A different way to search the web

A different way to search the web

Hayley Myron



When I find myself browsing the internet, it can be a bear to try and find websites that are interesting and pertain to my personal interests. However, a few months ago a friend told me about a website called Stumbleupon, and I became hooked.

Stumbleupon is a free website where you can just search through websites that are based on your personal preference. All you do is create an account and choose the categories that interest you. The website automatically saves your information and creates a search engine designed specifically for you.

For example if you are in the mood for searching only websites listed under humor, Stumbleupon will limit your search results to humorous websites and photos. When you find a webpage you like, you can click the “thumbs up” button and it will save it to your profile page.

So the next time you find yourself with nothing do, I recommend taking a gander at www. stumbleupon .com.