/Students run for SC4 Board of Trustees

Students run for SC4 Board of Trustees

Students run for SC4 Board of Trustees

Liz Whittemore

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For the Nov. 6, 2012, elections for SC4’s Board of Trustees, two current SC4 students will be on the ballot.

Students Steve Rappolee, of Fort Gratiot, and Vice President of Student Government Sean Lathrop, of Port Huron, hope to attain a position on the Board. There are currently two openings.

Through academics, campus environment and resources, the SC4 Board of Trustees strives to increase student success.

Lathrop is currently serving on the 2012-2013 Student Government Executive Board as Vice President.

He believes that student representation on the Board of Trustees will prove to be beneficial.

“I have noticed that being Vice President of the Student Government still does not give much of a voice when it comes to decisions that directly affect the students,” said Lathrop.

Lathrop supports student representation for the Board.

Rappolee agrees that the Board should have student representation.

“I believe that students who experience the college first hand know best the strengths and weaknesses of our community college,” said Rappolee.

Both candidates are in strong support of the recent SC4 green projects, such as the geothermal plans for the North Building, and would like to see those ideas progress.

“In comparison to other community colleges and some universities, we seem to be ahead of the curb in technology, international students, and green projects,” said Lathrop.

The second candidate, 9/11 veteran Steve Rapolee, believes that his experience in service has played a part in his decision to run for the Board.

“It is important that those of us who serve our country, continue serving by running for elective office,” said Rappolee.

Rappolee and Lathrop are two of eight candidates running for the Board.

Donna Blay, Jill Jamison, John Ogden, James Relken, Gordon Ruttan, and Dennis Wend are also running for a position on the Board.

Lathrop acknowledges that this will be a tough election.

“I am facing former city government officials that have far more experience than I,” said Lathrop. “That doesn’t count me out of the race though. With sweat, tears, and determination, I believe that I could win this election.”

Voting will be held at local precincts. Anyone within the educational district of SC4 is welcome to vote.

To find out where you can vote, visit Michigan.gov/sos.